Every week enjoy free entrance to more than 50 parties at Top Barcelona Night Clubs only with Aashi Guest List.



In Barcelona, the vernacular for a night club is the spanish word “discoteca.” All visions of 70’s disco balls aside, Barcelona offers visitors and locals alike discotecas that are sure to tickle a wide variety of fancies.

While there will be many forthcoming individual posts on Barcelona clubs, this page offers a preview of the many clubs that I would recommend in this city. More importantly, you should know that clubbing in Barcelona can be done at NO cost, thanks to the best guest list in town – Aashi Guest List. Just saying those three words at the door will get you into some of the best clubs in town, yes for free! No 20 (or more) euro covers for you! Aashi Guest List is available at these clubs:

Actually entering aforementioned establishments using Aashi Guest List of course depends on day of the week, time of entrance, and personal attire. Also worth mentioning here that Aashi Guest List offers VIP table service, Birthday celebrations (think champagne, sparklers, cake, etc.), frequent complimentary beverages, pre-game offers at popular bars, and much more!     10574305_797011816987518_200469887913487032_n1276734_1474728539442147_2674974705523102556_o



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