Different Day, Different Party

One of the huge advantages of using Aashi Guest List, aside from the obvious free entrance, is the fact that you have the opportunity to party for free any given night of the week, any given time of the year. That’s right, Aashi promotes at a wide variety of the best clubs in Barcelona 7 nights a week, throughout the entire calendar year. That being said, each night of the week the nightclubs host a different theme party, type of music, resident DJ, complimentary dinners, and/ or giveaways.

For example, given that today is Wednesday, Aashi List offers free entrance at the following nightclubs:

Shoko (Free entrance until 2:00am)

Opium Mar (Free entrance until 2:00am)

Pacha (Free Entrance until 1:30am)

CDLC (Free Entrance until 1:30am)

Eclipse (the W Hotel) (Free entrance until 1:30am)

Jamboree (Free Entrance until 2:00am)

Tonight the Highly Recommended option is Shoko’s Mexican Dinner & Project X Party feat. DJ Papis! As the title suggests the first hundred or so Aashi List users to sign up will get treated to a complimentary Mexican dinner at Shoko (nachos, mini tortilla, mini bikini, and more + Open Bar of wine, champagne, and water). Per the usual, dinner will last from 10:30pm to 11:55pm.





Then it’s party time – Special drink offers including 2 euro drinks from 12am to 1am at the allocated bar. By saying you’re with Aashi Guest List at the entrance, you’ll be given a stamp to receive the discount. Plus, Free shots for first 100 Aashi List guests. And of course, bottles of champagne and vodka for groups & birthday celebrations at Aashi’s VIP table. Prepare yourself to groove to the musical stylings of DJ Papis all night long!

Simply check the Aashi Guest List Facebook page to find out what each night holds in store for you! Weekly highlights include, but are not limited to:

Monday – Pacha’s Twerk It Mondays, Shoko’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Opium’s Hello Mondays

Tuesday – Opium’s Downtown Party, CDLC’s Never Tell Your Boyfriend Party

Wednesday – Shoko’s Project X Party (and theme parties like Key & Lock, Highlighter, Mexican, etc.), Opium’s Dream Night Party

Thursday – Best Pregame at Le Cyrano, Bling Bling’s Obsession Night Party, Opium Mar’s Taste Me Party

Friday – Opium’s Hood Party, Shoko’s Fashion Night, Pacha Fridays with Guest DJs

Saturday – Opium’s Sessions Night Party, Pacha’s Feel Ibiza Party, Shoko’s Sessions Night

Sunday – Opium’s Soundays Night, the W Hotel Eclipse’s Beauties Night

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Clubbing Do’s and Don’ts…

Here is a (hopefully) helpful list of some simple do’s and don’ts when clubbing in Barcelona:


  • Dress up
    • This is not your hometown college haunt, the majority of the people surrounding you will be dressed to the nine so follow suit and dress to impress
  • Pre-game
    • Unless you enjoy paying through the roof for drinks at the actual clubs, I suggest you drink (if you want to) ahead of time… either on the beach or in a park or plaza (haciendo el botellón) like a local, or in a bar or at home!
  • Know the Barcelona metro system
    • It’s helpful to know that the metro is open till 2am on Friday nights and is open 24 hours Saturdays! Otherwise the metro is open 5am to midnight. Also very helpful to know the various lines and stops. Nit buses are life savers sometimes!
  • Bring personal ID
    • If you’re from the states, simply carrying your state driver’s license is usually plenty.
  • Use Aashi Guest List
    • Rain or shine, no matter the season, using Aashi Guest List allows you to avoid paying cover fees at the best Clubs in the city. You don’t need to sign up online or anything, just say the magic words at the door and boom you’re in like gin. Aashi Guest List is also great for VIP nights, birthday celebrations, free dinners, and holiday parties!
A fun night back at Opium Mar back in January & thanks to Aashi Guest List!

A fun night back at Opium Mar back in January & thanks to Aashi Guest List!


  • Wear crazy heels
    • It’s just not advisable to wear 6-inch stilettos when you could be traversing cobblestone roads or very slick stairs. Dancing till the wee hours is a marathon not a sprint.
  • Try to enter after 2 a.m.
    • This is especially important in the summer months, as Barcelona becomes even more packed with study abroad students and tourists alike. You might as well take advantage of using Aashi Guest List, which usually ends by 1:30 or 2:00, depending on the club or day of the week. Long lines will have formed by 1am (or earlier on weekend nights), so don’t make this rookie mistake!
  • Expect toilet paper
    • Early on in the night sure it is easy to find a stall with a full roll still. That being said, as the night rages on, trust me you will be grateful you packed that pack of tissues in your clutch.
  • Get too drunk
    • Pretty self-explanatory here. Plus it’s just really embarrassing to be that really drunk American. You’re better than that!
  • Bring passport
    • There’s really no need to bring your actual passport. If anything, just bring a photo copied version and you’ll be golden.