“I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Ernest Hemingway Looking to wet your whistle in Barcelona? Look no further my friends, this blog page is meant to help you do just that! Barcelona is teeming with bars – whether you want pubs, sports bars, shot bars, absinthe bars, wine bars, breweries, cocktail bars, big bars, or small bars – you’ll find something that’s right up your alley. Here are 10 bars that are sure to please —

Le Cyrano – This place is owned by the nicest lady around and has been a fun place to be for years. Famed for giving customers the freedom to pour your own mixed drinks, through Aashi Guest List Le Cyrano also offers complimentary popcorn and a great atmosphere with which to start your night! Especially good place on Thursdays, when many Catalan, Spanish, and European students go there before heading to Bling Bling.







Espit Chupitos – Chupitos in Spanish means “shots” – hence, this is Barcelona’s most happening shots bar! They have hundreds of types of shots ripe for the picking. Consider yourself warned, the place tends to get hot regardless of which BCN location you go to! Lots of the shots involve getting lit on fire. Fun place for a pit stop!







George Payne Irish Bar  – Everyone loves Irish pubs, am I right? George Payne’s prides itself on being “the best Irish bar in Barcelona,” and I would not disagree. Although on the pricier side of a general drink menu, this bar is a huge sports bar, offers a decent happy hour selection, and has weekly karaoke. Great place to celebrate American holidays and watch FCB games!







La Ovella Negra – aka the Black Sheep in english. This bar has two main locations in Barcelona, the smaller one sitting right off Las Ramblas and the larger one residing near Bogatell metro stop in the Marina neighborhood. The big one looks like the inside of the Hogwarts’ cafeteria. Either location is a great place to go with friends to start the night; they have 5 liter beer or sangria towers which make for a really affordable pre-game.








Ryan’s Irish Pubs – Again Irish pubs, how can you really go wrong here? Ryan’s is a great little chain of pubs that are mainly in the city center, but they do have one in the heart of Gracía. By liking their FB page, you can get a customer card that will allow you to get unlimited 1 euro bottles of beer! They also have other good daily drink specials and the like.








Pippermint – If you’re missing a fishbowl type of opportunity like you’re used to back home, Pippermint has the drinks for yoU! They offer large portions, chips, and proximity to clubs, notably Otto Zutz.





Chelas’ & Burros – Authentic, reasonable, and located in a central spot, this Mexican bar & restaurant has tasty food and drinks that you can actually afford! Think coronas, tequilla, Michaeladas, and bomb food. Who can complain about that?!







Dow Jones – This American stock market style bar is on Bruc Street in the Eixample area of town. The drink/shot/beer prices fluctuate depending on the “stock market” aka how many people are buying what beverage. The bar is run by a guy from The Netherlands, but the bar itself is often times packed with Americans. Fun bar to start off a wild night! I would stay away from the Hand of God shots, but that’s just me.

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Betty Fords – I briefly worked at this Australian bar last fall. Located in the heart of the Raval neighborhood, Betty Fords is an electic, small bar with a lot of personality. In the evenings they have a limited food menu (think burgers and fries and YES, homemade ranch sauce). The place gets packed like sardines on the weekends, so come early, stay late, and have some great cocktails.





Fabrica Moritz – What once was the iconic Catalan beer Moritz’ factory, is now a posh microbrewery, wine bar, and tapas bar located in Sant Antoni, just a short walk away from Plaza Universitat. I particularly enjoyed the wine bar, where you can choose your wine from a selection of over 500 varieties, and you pay by the weight. A very happening place, the terrace definitely fills up once the sun goes down.

images-1  images




Keep your eyes out for special pregame offers at the above bars from Aashi Guest List!   Until then… it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.



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