Different Day, Different Party

One of the huge advantages of using Aashi Guest List, aside from the obvious free entrance, is the fact that you have the opportunity to party for free any given night of the week, any given time of the year. That’s right, Aashi promotes at a wide variety of the best clubs in Barcelona 7 nights a week, throughout the entire calendar year. That being said, each night of the week the nightclubs host a different theme party, type of music, resident DJ, complimentary dinners, and/ or giveaways.

For example, given that today is Wednesday, Aashi List offers free entrance at the following nightclubs:

Shoko (Free entrance until 2:00am)

Opium Mar (Free entrance until 2:00am)

Pacha (Free Entrance until 1:30am)

CDLC (Free Entrance until 1:30am)

Eclipse (the W Hotel) (Free entrance until 1:30am)

Jamboree (Free Entrance until 2:00am)

Tonight the Highly Recommended option is Shoko’s Mexican Dinner & Project X Party feat. DJ Papis! As the title suggests the first hundred or so Aashi List users to sign up will get treated to a complimentary Mexican dinner at Shoko (nachos, mini tortilla, mini bikini, and more + Open Bar of wine, champagne, and water). Per the usual, dinner will last from 10:30pm to 11:55pm.





Then it’s party time – Special drink offers including 2 euro drinks from 12am to 1am at the allocated bar. By saying you’re with Aashi Guest List at the entrance, you’ll be given a stamp to receive the discount. Plus, Free shots for first 100 Aashi List guests. And of course, bottles of champagne and vodka for groups & birthday celebrations at Aashi’s VIP table. Prepare yourself to groove to the musical stylings of DJ Papis all night long!

Simply check the Aashi Guest List Facebook page to find out what each night holds in store for you! Weekly highlights include, but are not limited to:

Monday – Pacha’s Twerk It Mondays, Shoko’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Opium’s Hello Mondays

Tuesday – Opium’s Downtown Party, CDLC’s Never Tell Your Boyfriend Party

Wednesday – Shoko’s Project X Party (and theme parties like Key & Lock, Highlighter, Mexican, etc.), Opium’s Dream Night Party

Thursday – Best Pregame at Le Cyrano, Bling Bling’s Obsession Night Party, Opium Mar’s Taste Me Party

Friday – Opium’s Hood Party, Shoko’s Fashion Night, Pacha Fridays with Guest DJs

Saturday – Opium’s Sessions Night Party, Pacha’s Feel Ibiza Party, Shoko’s Sessions Night

Sunday – Opium’s Soundays Night, the W Hotel Eclipse’s Beauties Night

To stay up on the latest, be sure to follow Aashi Guest List on Facebook // Insta // Twitter




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